Loisir Hotel Seoul

The Meaning of LOISIR

Loisir is French for leisure, free time and spare moments.
Loisir is the time for escaping from the bustle of daily life to refresh and enjoy yourself. Loisir is the moment of business engagements, important anniversaries, and time when friends and family gather for conversation. The name Loisir was born with with the aim of becoming a hotel where customers want to spend their precious moments.

LOISIR Brand Philosophy

As a hotel that reflects the local community and its people, Loisir emphasizes on three fundamental aspects.


Expresses the moment of leisure


Expresses conversation and interaction with each other


 Expresses regional prosperity

We treat each guest to an unforgettably delightful moment and the finest hospitality the local has to offer. Where there are people, there is a Loisir Hotel. Loisir Hotel aims to be a brand which obtain our guests’ trust and faith.


A hotel that realizes customer satisfaction with honest effort


We reward you with the best satisfaction through continuous service improvement and customer management.

We value our relationship with our customers and approach them with trust and honesty in all relationships.

We constantly strive for our customers’ successful business and comfortable and convenient sightseeing.

We do our best to make your stay pleasant and comfortable with reasonable prices and elegant service.